1) Angling is only allowed in one lake at a time. It is prohibited to fish or pass in front of other chalets.

2) The fisherman is responsible for his family and guests. He will be held responsible for any potential damage caused.

3) A maximum of four lines per chalet is allowed. After fishing, all living and non-wounded fish are to be returned to the water. Carp are to be returned to the water immediately after being captured.

4) Lines are only allowed to be fitted with a simple hook without a barb.

5) Baiting must remain within reasonable levels (maximum one kilo per day), in order not to “spoil the hit”

6) In the event of an additional line, 15 Euros per line, per day, will be payable.

7) The following is prohibited :
  -Fishing at night between 21h00 and 6h00.
  -Live bait fishing. Only rapala are permitted.
  -Using fishing equipment that does not confirm to rules and standards.
  -Damaging the vegetation, cutting branches.
  -Lighting fires.
  -Throwing refuse into the water.
  -Listening to radio sets on the lake banks.
  -Using metal keepnets
8) Special instructions for those fishing carp:
  -Caught carp must be brought to the edge of the bank gently.
  -Once out of the water, they are to be laid down on a moist mat.
  -As soon as the photo has been taken and the carp weighed, it is to be released by placing it back into the water at the edge of the bank

Failure to comply with these rules will entail being banned from fishing for the rest of the stay.

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